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Travel deals to Koh Larn! Cheap bus & hotel offers hand picked for you.

Ko Larn, aka Ko Lan or Ko Laan Island is located in the area of Pattaya, Chonburi and is one of the most famous and popular islands amongst foreign tourists or Thais from Bangkok to its close location. The island is approximately 100 kilometres from the capital and the Bus ride takes around 2-3 hours by a shuttle bus that can be reached from Ekamai Bus Station or the Southern Bus Terminal And Mo Chit Bus Station 2. After arriving at Pattaya you will have to take a boat from Bali Hai Pier. The ride can take 45 minutes on a regular ferry boat and 15 minutes by a speed boat. The best activity when arriving at Ko Lan Island is to rent a motorbike and drive around the island at a starting price of 400 baht per day. Koh Lan is beautiful with very clear sea water, whether it is at the Thong Lang Beach, Tawan Beach, Nuan Beach, Samae Beach or the Ta Yai Beach. On the beaches you can enjoy many different water activities like getting pulled on a floatable rubber ring or Banana Boat or just enjoying the speed on Jet Ski. In addition, at night, there are some strongly recommended fishing activities available at the seaside. Our favorite hotel is the "Rim Talay Resort Koh Larn" which is closely located to the sea but if you are looking for a more budget friendly cheap accommodation option we would recommend staying at Chalita Goodview hotel.


Take a look at our cheap Bus and Hotel travel deals to Koh Larn. Take a bus from one of the bus terminals of Bangkok to make sure you save money on your travel. Taking a bus from  Bangkok to Koh Larn is the easiest and cheapest way to travel. We believe that one day is not  enough to explore the destination and to get a vibe for the area. That’s the reason why we  always recommend staying overnight at the location you want to go to. But do not worry it does  not mean it will cost a lot of money. We are experienced travel experts who have been to  Koh Larn many times, therefore we know how to find the best deals. The best travel deal for  us doesn’t only mean that the accommodation will be cheap but we always make sure that the  quality is also good. For this type of travel we aim to find affordable accommodations types like  hostels, bungalows, apartments or cheap hotels in or nearby Koh Larn. Do not forget to  come back to our website or to our Facebook profile to find new deals everyday not only to Koh Larn but also to other popular Thai destinations. We find it, we share it, you enjoy it!

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