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Travel deals to Nan! Cheap bus & hotel offers hand picked for you.

Located at the far end of the North, Nan is a quiet town surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature all over the province. Nan has a history that dates back for centuries to pre Burmese times. In 1931 the province came under the ruling of Bangkok and part of its territory was annexed to Laos by the French.  Nan is located 670 kilometres from the Thai capital city of Bangkok and can be reached by comfortable air-conditioned buses on the Bangkok-Nan route. Trips are usually leaving from the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) and it takes around 10 hours of travel time. It is a must see region of Thailand for people who admire the slow lifestyle.  Nan has many natural and cultural attractions to welcome such as the Doi Samer Dao in Na Noi. Here, tourists can pitch the stars in the sky, especially in winter when the fog and early late night mountain dew is not in the way. You can also try more extreme activities such as the popular sport of white water rafting on the Wa river flowing through the Mae Charim National Park. Kuang Mueng Nan Walking Street is a perfect place to taste local food and shop for souvenirs on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Make merit at Wat Phra That Khao Noi temple or by the golden Wat Phra That Chae Haeng in the middle of Nan town. Another exciting activity is the tracking through Nan’s PUA Wang Sila Leang Grand Canyon or visiting the ancient salt wells of  Bo Klua the only salt mountain in Thailand. Since Nan province is quite far away from Bangkok we recommend you to stay for a minimum of 1 or 2 nights to make sure you can visit the most important attraction after a 10 hour ride.  When it comes to  getting a good night sleep we recommend you to try to book a room at "Nan Boutique Resort", but if you want to experience complete silence and remoteness from the city our recommendation is to try out "Toobna Homestay" hotel or the "NantraKiri” resort in the midst of the amazing nature.


Take a look at our cheap Bus and Hotel travel deals to Nan. Take a bus from one of the bus terminals of Bangkok to make sure you save money on your travel. Taking a bus from  Bangkok to Nan is the easiest and cheapest way to travel. We believe that one day is not  enough to explore the destination and to get a vibe for the area. That’s the reason why we  always recommend staying overnight at the location you want to go to. But do not worry it does  not mean it will cost a lot of money. We are experienced travel experts who have been to  Nan many times, therefore we know how to find the best deals. The best travel deal for  us doesn’t only mean that the accommodation will be cheap but we always make sure that the  quality is also good. For this type of travel we aim to find affordable accommodations types like  hostels, bungalows, apartments or cheap hotels in or nearby Nan. Do not forget to  come back to our website or to our Facebook profile to find new deals everyday not only to Nan but also to other popular Thai destinations. We find it, we share it, you enjoy it!

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