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Koh Kam, a place to visit in Ranong, the most beautiful unseen island in the Andaman Sea


Koh Kam is another island paradise with exquisitely beautiful sea, clear water, and serene atmosphere. For experienced snorkelers this is a true paradise, especially by the striking difference of this ecosystem as opposed to the more remote islands.
Septemper 13-16, 2022

Transport Co

Mochit, Bangkok→Ranong Bus Station

฿ 956/pp


Flower Power Village

"Amazing hosts and staff, lovely restaurant and beautiful location. Very clean rooms."

฿ 234/pp /2n

Total price*

฿ 1,190/pp

"At the time of posting this travel package deal, the price for the transportation and the accommodations were as shown below. If you are here on time, you should see the same prices. If they changed, it means that you weren't fast enough and someone booked it before you. But don't worry, you can find other great deals on the linked booking sites." 

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