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Check out our hand-picked travel package deals that estimates your travel cost with discounted hotel offers at the destination. Find the ideal combination that suits your budget and schedule:

Death Railway

July 29-30,2022

Exploring the Death Railway in short, a horrendous part of Thailand’s history that was created by the blood and sweat of WWII pri . . .

฿ 563/pp

China town Bangkok

July 16-17,2022

Bangkok Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the world. It is also, quite arguably, one of the best Chinatowns to visit as well. . . .

฿ 241/pp

Wat Phra Pathom Chedi

July 22-23,2022

The Phra Pathom chedi, which means “Holy chedi of the beginning” is regarded the oldest Buddhist structure in Thailand. The very i . . .

฿ 315/pp

Sanctuary of Truth

July 8-9,2022

The Sanctuary of Truth is the largest wood building in Thailand that use only wood to build it as the ancient Thai carpenter style . . .

฿ 648/pp

We would like to help all Thai travellers so we could not forget about the big crowd of people who take their own car to escape the city for a long weekend. The destinations we list here typically are within a 3-4 hours drive away from the capitol, Bangkok. Although, driving your own car gives you a lot of flexibility and convenience, we still have to think about the invested cost and time just like in other transportation methods, so this is what we would like to help you with. We will share with you great value for money accommodation deals for the upcoming weekends, special holidays and long weekends along with an estimated cost of fuel and travel time calculated for the trip so you can have a clear overview before you jump in our car. 

Car estimations:

For each trip we will calculate the estimated distance, fuel consumption and required travel time. The published values are just rough estimations and are based on the assumption that you are leaving from the city centre of Bangkok with a car of having an average fuel consumption of 9 liters/100km. Obviously, if you leave in another district of Bangkok the trip might be a bit longer or shorter depending on the location. The same goes for the estimated cost, if you have a car that is more efficient you might be able to spend las on gas and save more at your destination. All in all, we think the information we provide for you is still a good base to start from. 

Accommodation tips:

Our goal is to share with you good value for money accommodation option that can suit  you and your partner and in some cases for your whole family with memorable moments. The hotels pick are all accessible by car, offer parking spots and in many cases close to the main attractions of the destination. We are also constantly on a hunt to find big discounts in unique properties that will provide you with memorable stays.