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Jomtien Beach is good for relax and not far from Bangkok


Jomtien Beach is located in the south, about 4 kilometers from Pattaya City. The beach is 6 kilometers long, with shady roads along the beach all the time. Compared to Pattaya Beach Jomtien Beach has less nightlife.
September 24-25, 2022

150 km /one-way

17 l /one-way

1 hr 50 min

fuel consumpton
travel time

฿ 363 /one-way

est. cost

Jomtien Hostel


"Location is walking distance from the beach"

฿ 142/pp/night

Total price*

฿ 505/pp

"At the time of posting this travel deal, the price for  the accommodations were as shown below. If you are here on time, you should see the same prices. If they changed, it means that you weren't fast enough and someone booked it before you. But don't worry, you can find other great deals on the linked booking sites." 

Proof of price hotel

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