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Khao Ngu Stone Park is amazing stone mountain and relaxing place to be with nature


The Khao Ngu Stone Park is located in an area of the range that was previously a limestone quarry and has since been flooded with water. While not mind-blowingly beautiful, it’s a nice place to come to spend an hour or two. As it’s mostly popular with Thai locals and tourists, it has a nice vibe that is enjoyable if you get into the spirit of it.
July 23-24, 2022

124 km /one-way

14 l /one-way

2 hr 6 min

฿ 300 /one-way

est. cost

My Room


"The location is very good. It's easy to find and close to Robinson. The room is very big for us. It's clean and very comfortable."

฿ 184/pp/night

Total price*

฿ 484/pp

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