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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the price calculated?

When we share a travel deal, we usually post prices per person for flights and prices per person for accommodation in a double room.


Example for 2 people:
Flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui:  ฿ 2,000 per person 
Hotel in Koh Samui for 3 nights: ฿ 1,000 for double room

Total for two people:  ฿ 5,000

Total per person: ฿ 2,500 

2. How do I book the trip?

You can book the tickets and accommodation on your own just by simply clicking on the links we share. Make sure to check the prices before you book as they can change with demand. 

Click here for step by step guide.

3. Why is the price different on the booking site after I click on your link?

Sorry to hear that it happened to you. This means that someone was faster than you and booked the last room/seat available at that price.

Online travel is an extremely dynamic industry that means prices of goods/services might change within minutes. Accommodations and flights have limited number of rooms and seats which means they can increase the price if there is increase in demand and shortage of supply. 

4. What does the shown price include?

For flights the price includes taxes and common fees but make sure to check the details on the given link. Most tickets include only carry-on luggage so if you are planning to travel heavy make sure to research the prices on the airlines for Luggage fees.

For hotels the prices include the room and taxes. In some cases, the price might include meal options which we will try to highlight for you in advance. 

Make sure to check the details and the final costs on the booking sites before you confirm your booking. 

5. How to get from the airport to your accommodation?

We will do our best to provide tips for transfer options but you must organize it on your own.  Often cases the accommodation provides shuttle service for guests but you can always find a tricycle or taxi to drop you off at your hotel.

6. Do you provide guarantee?

We are not able to provide any guarantee on your personal bookings as we do NOT take part in your booking process, Therefore, we do NOT have any information about your booking details. 

This however does not mean that you do not have any options to cancel your bookings. The cancellation policy depends on the  site you used for your booking.

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