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1. Why is Phuket Province a great choice for your next trip?

2. Here are 5 popular attractions in Phuket that are interesting.

3. When is the best time to visit Phuket?

4. How to get to Phuket from Bangkok ?

  • Getting to Phuket by car from Bangkok

  • Getting to Phuket by bus from Bangkok

  • Getting to Phuket by train from Bangkok

5. Best accommodation in Phuket province

  • Top 3 City Center Hotels Phuket

  • Top 3 Excellent Hotel and Resort Atmosphere in Phuket

  • Top 3 Cheapest Hotels in Phuket

6. Traveling to Phuket but what to eat? where to eat? We have the answers!

  • Most popular restaurants in Phuket

  • Top local dishes of the Phuket region

Explore Paradise: A Comprehensive Guide to Phuket, Thailand

Are you dreaming of pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and unforgettable experiences? Look no further than Phuket Province, Thailand's largest island and a veritable paradise for travelers. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and diverse attractions, Phuket offers something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into why Phuket is an ideal destination for your next trip, highlight five must-visit attractions, advise on the best time to visit, and provide detailed transportation options from Bangkok. Additionally, we'll explore the top accommodations and culinary delights that await you in this tropical haven.

1. Why Phuket Province is a Great Choice for Your Next Trip

Phuket Province captivates travelers with its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and wealth of activities. Whether you're seeking relaxation on pristine beaches, thrilling adventures, or cultural immersion, Phuket delivers. From the vibrant nightlife of Patong Beach to the tranquil shores of Kata and Karon, each corner of the island offers its own unique charm. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for snorkeling or scuba diving, explore ancient temples and bustling markets, or simply unwind in luxury resorts overlooking the Andaman Sea. With its warm climate, friendly locals, and endless opportunities for exploration, Phuket promises an unforgettable escape.

2. Five Popular Attractions in Phuket


#1 Phi Phi Islands:

Embark on a boat tour to the nearby Phi Phi Islands, renowned for their stunning limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life. Don't miss the iconic Maya Bay, featured in the movie "The Beach."

#2 Old Phuket Town:

Immerse yourself in Phuket's rich history and culture by exploring the charming streets of Old Phuket Town. Admire the Sino-Portuguese architecture, visit colorful shrines and temples, and indulge in authentic Thai cuisine at local eateries.

#3 Big Buddha:

Perched atop Nakkerd Hill, the imposing Big Buddha statue offers panoramic views of the island and the Andaman Sea. Marvel at the intricate design of this 45-meter-tall marble statue and explore the surrounding Buddhist temples.

#4 Phang Nga Bay:

Discover the mesmerizing landscapes of Phang Nga Bay, famous for its limestone karsts rising dramatically from the emerald-green waters. Explore hidden lagoons, sea caves, and secluded beaches on a kayak or long-tail boat tour.

#5 Simon Cabaret Show:

Experience the glitz and glamour of Thailand's famous cabaret shows at Simon Cabaret. Featuring dazzling performances by talented artists in extravagant costumes, this colorful spectacle is a must-see in Phuket.

3. The Best Time to Visit Phuket

The best time to visit Phuket is during the dry season, which spans from November to April. During this time, you can expect sunny weather, calm seas, and ideal conditions for beach activities and outdoor adventures. However, keep in mind that this is also the peak tourist season, so be prepared for higher prices and larger crowds. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of May to October when the weather is still pleasant, and accommodation prices are more affordable. Just be aware that this period may experience occasional rain showers, particularly in the months of September and October.

4. How to Get to Phuket from Bangkok


  • Getting to Phuket by Car from Bangkok:The most convenient way to reach Phuket from Bangkok by car is via Route 4 (Phetkasem Road), which spans approximately 850 kilometers and takes around 12-14 hours depending on traffic and road conditions. Consider breaking up the journey with overnight stops in cities such as Hua Hin or Surat Thani.

  • Getting to Phuket by Bus from Bangkok:Several bus companies operate direct routes from Bangkok to Phuket, with travel times ranging from 12 to 14 hours. VIP buses offer more comfortable seating and amenities such as onboard toilets and snacks. Tickets can be purchased at Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai).

  • Getting to Phuket by Train from Bangkok:
    While there are no direct train services to Phuket, you can take a train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and then transfer to a bus or van for the remaining journey to Phuket. The train journey takes approximately 8-9 hours, followed by a 3-4 hour bus ride to Phuket.


5. Best Accommodation in Phuket Province


Top 3 City Center Hotels in Phuket:


  • Amari Phuket:
    Situated in the heart of Patong Beach, Amari Phuket offers luxurious rooms with stunning ocean views, multiple dining options, a spa, and a swimming pool overlooking the Andaman Sea.

  • The Kee Resort & Spa:
    Located just steps away from Patong Beach, The Kee Resort & Spa features modern rooms, a rooftop pool and bar, a spa, and easy access to shopping, dining, and nightlife.

  • Sleep With Me Hotel Design Hotel at Patong:
    This stylish hotel in Patong offers comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, a fitness center, and a central location within walking distance of Jungceylon Shopping Mall and Bangla Road.


Top 3 Excellent Hotel and Resort Atmospheres in Phuket:


  • Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel:
    Nestled atop Cape Panwa, this award-winning resort boasts luxurious pool villas with breathtaking ocean views, world-class dining options, a spa, and exclusive beach access.

  • The Nai Harn:
    Set on a pristine beach in southern Phuket, The Nai Harn offers elegant rooms and suites, a beachfront infinity pool, multiple dining venues, and personalized service in a tranquil setting.

  • Trisara Phuket:
    Escape to this secluded paradise on Phuket's northwest coast, where luxurious pool villas, pristine beaches, and lush tropical gardens await. Trisara offers unparalleled privacy and serenity for discerning travelers.

Top 3 Cheapest Hotels in Phuket

  • Kata Sea Breeze Resort:
    This budget-friendly resort in Kata Beach offers comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and easy access to the beach and local attractions.

  • Patong Mansion Hotel: 
    Located in the heart of Patong, Patong Mansion Hotel offers affordable accommodation with modern amenities, including a rooftop swimming pool and sun terrace.

  • The Artist House Patong:
    Situated near Patong Beach, The Artist House Patong offers cozy rooms with colorful décor, a communal kitchen, and a relaxed atmosphere at budget-friendly rates.

6. Traveling to Phuket: What to Eat and Where to Eat

Most Popular Restaurants in Phuket:

  • Mom Tri's Kitchen:
    Enjoy fine dining at this renowned restaurant in Kata Beach, known for its exquisite Thai and international cuisine, elegant ambiance, and stunning ocean views.

  • Suay Restaurant:
    Located in Cherngtalay, Suay Restaurant offers innovative Thai fusion dishes in a stylish setting, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

  • Mor Mu Dong Restaurant:
    Indulge in authentic southern Thai cuisine at Mor Mu Dong Restaurant in Phuket Town, where you can savor spicy curries

Top Local Dishes of the Phuket Region:

No visit to Phuket is complete without indulging in its tantalizing array of local dishes, which reflect the island's rich culinary heritage and diverse influences. From savory street food to sumptuous seafood feasts, Phuket's culinary scene is sure to delight your taste buds. Some must-try local dishes include:

  • Phuket-style Fried Noodles (Pad Mee Phuket):
    This iconic dish features stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, and egg, seasoned with a flavorful blend of soy sauce, fish sauce, and spices. It's often served with fresh lime wedges and chili flakes for added zest.

  • Massaman Curry:
    A beloved Thai curry with Muslim roots, Massaman Curry is a fragrant and aromatic dish made with tender chunks of meat (often beef or chicken), potatoes, onions, and roasted peanuts, simmered in a rich and creamy coconut milk-based sauce infused with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

  • Tom Yum Goong:
    A quintessential Thai soup, Tom Yum Goong is a spicy and sour delight made with fresh shrimp, mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and chili peppers, all simmered in a tangy broth flavored with fish sauce, lime juice, and chili paste.

  • Gaeng Som Pla:
    This fiery and sour fish curry is a staple of southern Thai cuisine, featuring fresh fish (often mackerel or snapper) simmered in a piquant broth made with tamarind paste, turmeric, garlic, shallots, and chili peppers, along with a medley of vegetables like bamboo shoots, green beans, and eggplant.

  • Moo Hong:
    A slow-cooked pork belly dish infused with sweet and savory flavors, Moo Hong is made by braising tender pork belly in a succulent mixture of soy sauce, palm sugar, garlic, and spices until it's meltingly tender and caramelized, resulting in a dish that's both comforting and deeply satisfying.

These are just a few examples of the delectable dishes awaiting you in Phuket. Whether you're dining at a bustling night market, a humble roadside eatery, or an upscale restaurant, be sure to explore the diverse flavors of Phuket's culinary landscape for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Travel by Plane

Railay Beach

Railay Beach

November 2-4, 2022

Railay is an incredible Thai beach paradise, cut-off from the mainland by soaring cliffs. Railay boasts pristine beaches, a jungled-laden mountain coastline, and laidback vibes to keep relaxed yet many things to do to stay busy. Railay is what Thailand dreams are made of.

฿ 2,394/pp

Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee

October 29-31,2022

Koh Panyee is a special Muslim village floating on the sea in Phang Nga Bay. It is part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park.

฿ 1,744/pp

Phuket Big Buddha

Phuket Big Buddha

November 14-16, 2022

Phuket Big Buddha, or The Great Buddha of Phuket, is a seated Maravija Buddha statue in Phuket, Thailand. The official name is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakiri, shortened to Ming Mongkol Buddha. Sitting atop Nakkerd Hill near Chalong, construction began in 2004. Expansion of the base was ongoing as of 2015

฿ 2,483/pp

Koh Racha Yai

Koh Racha Yai

October 26-28, 2022

Koh Racha Yai or Raya Yai is located on Phuket's southeast coast with its gleaming beaches. Sightseeing services are available from tour operators in town. Accommodation is available. A hilltop viewpoint on the bay's south offers a magnificent view of the whole island.

฿ 2,094/pp

Travel by Bus

Kata Noi beach

Kata Noi beach

October 24-27, 2022

Hat Kata Noi is a beach on the southwest side of the island of Phuket in Thailand. It is adjacent to Kata Beach to the south. The beach is bordered to the north by the Mon Tri's Villa Royale Resort, and most of the beachfront is occupied by the resort of Kata Thani.

฿ 1,701/pp

Kata Noi beach

Kata Noi beach

July 24-27, 2022

Hat Kata Noi is a beach on the southwest side of the island of Phuket in Thailand. It is adjacent to Kata Beach to the south. The beach is bordered to the north by the Mon Tri's Villa Royale Resort, and most of the beachfront is occupied by the resort of Kata Thani.

฿ 1,728/pp

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