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Ratchaburi floating market

Travel deals to Ratchaburi! Cheap bus, flight & hotel offers hand picked for you.

Welcome to Ratchaburi, a region to be explored!


In the past year, Thai tourism has become buzzing again due to the COVID situation, resulting in cheap domestic tours. It also has many travel deals. One of the Unseen provinces that we are going to introduce today is Ratchaburi, a province in the central region that is only 100 kilometers from Bangkok.

When we refer to Ratchaburi Believe that many people would think of the dragon fruit Local products that are famous throughout the country of the province. But in fact Ratchaburi has a long history and has a number of interesting places to visit from Mai that it is regarded as one of Thailand's secondary cities that are worth exploring. In the Mae Klong River basin with abundance Is a source because it grows plants Moreover Is also an important city since the past With a position as a town for trading with Burma It was also the home of an ancient community comprised of various ethnic groups that lived together peacefully and conveyed the artistic and architectural heritage to this land. Waiting for travelers to find

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Why is Ratchaburi Province a great choice for your next trip?

Although Ratchaburi Province is not a popular destination for tourists compared to other provinces And most people may think of only Ong Mongkorn or Damnoen Saduak floating market as much as when talking about this province. Delicious local food and convenient transportation whether by car, train or bus.

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Here are 5 popular tourist attractions in Ratchaburi we recommend visiting

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:

It could not be denied that this tourist attraction is the number one in the province. By being a famous market not only in Thailand But foreigners from all over the world are known and have to find the opportunity to visit once in their lifetime. Because it is a unique market with a lively atmosphere. A merchant sells consumer goods under a boat. Consume to sell to tourists It is an image that cannot be found anywhere else. The market is open for visitors and shopping every day from early morning until around noon.

Photo Credit Ron Iligan on Unsplash

2. Nang Yai Wat Khanon:

Nang Yai is a cultural heritage of Thailand that is now very difficult to find. But at Wat Khanon, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province There is still conservation. By organizing the area as a museum for the exhibition of Nang Yai to open for interested people, including the young generation to study. Open for visitors every day from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. Nang Yai Wat Khanon is very important to Ratchaburi people. This can be seen from the presentation of the dress as part of the province motto.

Photo Credit: Mr.Niwat Tantayanusorn, Ph.D.

3. Khao Ngu Stone Park:

Another must-visit place in Ratchaburi is Khao Ngu Stone Park. Originally, this limestone mountain area was used as a quarrying area and quarrying for important industries in Thailand. Currently, the landscape has been improved and a carved Buddha image on the cloth face has been built for the general public to have the opportunity to pay homage. Interested tourists can visit Khao Ngu Stone Park free of charge from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Photo Credit: Panuwat Tansui

4.Puttaram Temple (Sati Cave):

The specialty of this temple is its location inside a huge cave. Inside the enshrined Sitting Buddha amulet That has been carved from the stone inside the cave in a beautiful beauty. Is a Buddha image in Pang Dhammakon Watanasut. Is more than 3 meters in addition to the worship and practice at this temple. Visitors will also appreciate the beauty of the cave's mural painted in oil. The temple is open daily free of charge from 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Photo Credit: Amazing Thailand

5. Khao Chong Pran:

Another place that is interesting and attracts many tourists of Ratchaburi Province is Khao Chong Pran in Photharam district. This limestone hill is located not far from Wat Khanon. Inside the mountain is a large cave, commonly known as Phra Non Cave, as it houses a reclining Buddha image that is 9 meters long. What is interesting about Khao Chong Pran is the evening atmosphere in which people gather to witness the phenomena of millions of bats flying out of the cave. Which lasted more than an hour Which is considered to be an extremely amazing picture

Photo Credit: กสิณธร ราชโอรส

In addition to the popular tourist attractions in Ratchaburi mentioned above. There are also many cheap excursions for tourists, such as visiting the old Photharam market. Taste delicious local food Admire the magnificent beauty of Khao Bin Cave and Chom Phon Cave. There are many millions of years old natural stalactites and stalactites in the cave area that are unspeakable in their beauty. Or worship Luang Pho Yai at Wat Nong Hoi If you are a nature lover, there are also other nature attractions as well, such as Kao Chon Waterfall. Bo Klueng Hot Springs, for example, or to learn the history and production methods of Ratchaburi jar, which is famous for "The story of the jar", an art-conservation tourism destination


Ratchaburi is a province that can be visited all year round. And suitable for travelers of all ages Especially Family or couples travel on the weekend

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When is the best time to visit Ratchaburi?

If you have 2 days 1 night, where to go? Ratchaburi is the best answer. Because you can come in every season In addition, you can also organize a day trip as well, you can travel to Ratchaburi every season throughout the year. Because it is a province in the middle of the country The river basin and not far from Bangkok, therefore having comfortable weather most of the time.

However, if you don't like the busy atmosphere you should choose to travel to Ratchaburi on weekdays. Because there will be many tourists during the weekends and long holidays.

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How to get to Ratchaburi?

For domestic tours, traveling to Ratchaburi is very comfortable. If your starting point is in the capital Bangkok Getting to Ratchaburi is very easy. Because you can travel either by private car or by public transport, which is available in almost all forms.

  • By car: Ratchaburi is located 100 kilometers from Bangkok and takes about 1.5 hours.

  • By Bus: For those who are popular with traveling, you can travel by bus from Mo Chit Bus Terminal. Which takes about 2.5 hours, the cost of the trip is about 120 baht per trip

  • By train: There is also an option to travel by train from Hua Lamphong. It takes about 2 hours, the approximate fare is 50 baht per way. The advantages of this type of travel In addition to being economical You will also be able to see the charming atmosphere on both sides of the road, along with the friendship from fellow travelers who may meet.

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Best accommodation in Ratchaburi province

Although Ratchaburi is not a popular tourist destination around the world. But in Ratchaburi, there are a lot of resorts, budget hotels and cheap accommodation services, just like anywhere You can choose from a wide variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. We have compiled a list of accommodation options as follows:

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Top 3 City Center Hotels:

  • Western Grand Hotel Ratchaburi: Located in the heart of Ratchaburi. Comes with complete facilities

  • Na Vela Hotel & Convention: This modern hotel. It has been designed with the uniqueness of Ratchaburi province to decorate such as on the dragon

  • Space 59 Hotel: This hotel is located in the heart of Ratchaburi. Close to the tourist attractions and commercial areas of the city. Contemporary design The room is served at a lovely price.

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Photo Credit: Space 59 hotel

Top 3 Great-Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts:

  • Rajabura Hotel: This hotel is situated on the bank of Mae Klong River. It was designed with a distinctive red brick architecture. There are complete facilities.

  • The Antique Riverside Resort: For those who want to experience the natural atmosphere along the Mae Klong River. This resort is the answer as well. With a combination of Thai, Mon, and Chinese architecture, making it unique and unique.

  • La Toscana Resort: The resort offers beautifully decorated rooms in the Toscana region of Italy. With the surrounding mountain atmosphere Suitable for family vacations or couples who want to spend time together in a romantic atmosphere.

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Photo Credit: The Antique Riverside

Here are the top 3 cheap accommodation:

  • Nam Sin Hotel: This two-star hotel. Have been with Ratchaburi for a long time Located near the commercial area And provide cheap rooms

  • S Swiss Hotel Ratchaburi: Another budget hotel in Ratchaburi, comfortable and suitable for all types of guests.

  • Baan Lamun Ratchaburi: For those who do not want to stay in a hotel. Baan Lamoon offers accommodation in the form of a service. Apartment at budget price

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Photo Credit: โรงแรมบ้านละมุน ที่พักราชบุรี



When traveling to Ratchaburi, what to eat, where to eat? We have answers.


With a location along the Mae Klong River of the province. As a result, Ratchaburi is another province of Thailand with abundance. There are many famous foods such as Bang Tan Grilled Chicken. Curry Puff with Fresh Milk And there are also many famous restaurants including Mae Klong riverside restaurants, cheap restaurants

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Photo Credit: ธีรชัยไก่ย่างบางตาล

Most popular restaurants

  • Krua Mon Khai: This restaurant has been operating for decades. Local and Thai dishes are available. With its delicious original taste, it is very popular.

  • Ong Khao Ong Nam: This famous restaurant in Ratchaburi is located in the same area as the project. “Baan of Ong” offers a wide selection of food, both Thai and international dishes. But what should not be missed is chili paste.

  • Long Charm: Long Charm Shop is a restaurant located on the Mae Klong River. It has a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. Suitable for bringing the family to dine


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Top local dishes of the Ratchaburi region

  • Ong Mongkorn Noodles: This noodle shop upholds the uniqueness of Ratchaburi by using the enormous leaf on the noodle pot and serving the food in a cute jar-shaped container. Moreover, the taste is second to none.

  • Ah Tee Kopee: the legendary shop of the province located in the heart of Ratchaburi It is open from morning until about four in the evening. In addition to the classic atmosphere of the restaurant. Their food is delicious and varied, including Chinese and Western breakfast, dim sum, Bak Kut Teh, tea, coffee, and lunch options.

  • Den Thai Ice Cream: This dessert shop is a must-visit shop when visiting Ratchaburi. The signature dish of the shop is ice cream with an omelet.

  • Curry Phanomsod, Teacher Yu: with many guaranteed awards Curry Phanom Sod Kru Yu is another product that has made a reputation for Ratchaburi. There are many fillings to choose from as a souvenir.

  • Jeri Khao Tom - Dried Rice: Another famous dish of Ratchaburi is Ratchadamnoen dry rice. The Jerry shop is a famous shop. Open for a long time, importantly, inexpensive.

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